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Deathly Caverns



Project Type

Creator and Designer


Conceptual Themed Attraction

The Deathly Caverns is a theoretical walkthrough experience that I have been working on since summer of 2022. I wanted to create a concept where I could work on a fully developed design by writing a narrative for the attraction with scene breakdowns and treatments, concept art, technical drawings, and paint elevations.


Decades ago, a volcano engulfed a town not too far from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The town go so caked in ash and volcanic rock that it disappeared from the map. In fact, the only remnant that remains is a church tower peeking out from the rocks.

Legen goes, "When settling into the area, the townspeople made a promise with the Volcano Guardian that they would protect them as long as they remained far from the volcano. As time went by, an eccentric settler wanted to expand into the mountainside. The locals warned him not to, but he scoffed it off. This angered the Volcano Guardian, resulting in an eruption of lava and smoke, covering the city in a layer of rubble and ash. Stories have been told that the town remained alive even though it lay buried beneath layers of volcanic rock, trapped in time, punishing the townspeople to live eternally.

Due to recent unusual tectonic activity, this area has drawn attention from seismologists internationally. The recent activity has attracted public curiosity, leading you to investigate the ruins. What will you find inside?


Scene 2 – "The Big Room"

Guests discover a group of seismologist survivors. We learn that the campfire stories are true, and the townspeople mutants have begun to find a way out. Sounds of explosions rumble through the cave as the mutants are alerted of new openings. In a large courtyard, chaos ensues as the mutants have taken over. Throughout the experience, guests will move in and out of the courtyard, going through different facade buildings to run and escape the mutants.