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Roberto Zucco


Assistant Scenic Designer


Project Type


Theatrical Production

Roberto Zucco is a drama of existential revolt, the last text of the great French writer Bernard-Marie Koltès, who died of AIDS shortly after completing the script. The play follows a rebel driven to commit terrible crimes, seemingly without motive, and depicts the social order that creates him. In a series of poetic, fast-moving scenes, Koltès takes his chameleon-like anti-hero on a mythical journey through a landscape of strange and violent beauty.​

As an assistant scenic designer, I worked with the scenic designer to ideate, create, and realize the scenic elements of the show. I attended design meetings and took notes for the director and designer, ensured sight-lines were achieved and during technical rehearsals, and helped create elements for the scenic model. I also acted as a liaison between the scenic and technical departments, ensuring each team is up to date on scope of work, designer input and intent is communicated, and providing updates to each as needed.


Scenic Designer: Jalen Colbert

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