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Retro Rave: CalArts Halloween 2021


Scenic Designer


Project Type


Live Event

Retro Rave was the theme for CalArts' 2021 Halloween Party, a staple of the CalArts experience. Our theme was inspired by the vapor-wave, retro-wave, and retro-futuristic aesthetics, filled with bright colors, vintage computer graphics, and a juxtaposition of the new and old.


Working with another co-designer, we were tasked with creating a themed food station for the event. We thought about the location of our space and how it acts as a transitional space between a chill lounge and the main stage. We were inspired by vintage foods and commercials like TV dinners and frozen foods. We pulled inspiration from spaces around us to make the event as a whole more cohesive. One of our biggest inspirations was how the retro-futuristic aesthetic is filled with a balance of biological and artificial, which is what led us to use mannequins and vegetation. 

We also had to think logistically as this station had to serve 700+ people and had a tight budget. This led us to create a facade for folding tables out of hollywood flats, which was good for our budget and allowed us to create a visually pleasing station. Throughout the project, I created sketches, 3D models in Sketchup, cutlists, dimensions, and renderings.

This was a collaborative project with Holly Webb

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