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Ashrama: What is Your Refuge?



Project Type

Scenic Designer


Immersive Experience

Ashrama: What is Your Refuge was a three-day immersive experience that invited participants to seek and discover their own refuge. Ashrama is an exploration of the many ways that we as humans seek and find refuge. The installation documented perspectives of refuge from a variety of artists and people of different backgrounds, asking that you immerse yourself in the idea of refuge and what it means to your life. In addition to witnessing perspectives of refuge, participants were also invited to contribute their own view of refuge. The experience culminated in live performances from dancers and musicians interacting with the space and scenery.

After being tasked with creating a centerpiece for the experience, I thought about universal icons that humans see as a sign of refuge and comfort. I immediately began to think about sources of light like the sun or bonfires at night. Fire and warmth is something that everyone regardless of your background can recognize and process similarly. Scientifically, humans experience internal relaxation when watching fire because our mind is drawn into the flames, reducing anxiety and bringing us into a peaceful state.

I decided to develop this idea into a large amoebic sculpture, suggesting the idea of a flame. The sculpture features 12 unique pieces that come together to create a cohesive floor-to-ceiling sculpture. Materials included a semi-transparent textured fabric and wire.

This was a collaborative project with Aashray Harishankar and Pablo de Larrañaga Aramoni

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