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Underwater Adventure



Project Type

Creator and Designer


Conceptual Themed Land

Underwater Adventure is a theoretical theme park land inside of a larger theme park created as a final assignment in Art of Themed and Immersive Entertainment. Using the lens of cattle ranching, our challenge was to create a land that unified the overarching theme with Underwater Adventure. 

Dr. Telegraph McMagicMountain (the sister of the park's main character) was traveling from Argentina to Texas on a ship full of cattle. Distracted by a strange bioluminescent substance in the water, the ship hit a giant unexpected coral reef and sank into the depths. However, due to Dr. T's scientific knowledge and and the strange bioluminescent plants, the surviving passengers and cattle learned to adapt to life underwater. Unexpectedly, the aqua-cattle were found to have a unique taste, being more tender and flavorful than their land dwelling brethren.

Inside Underwater Adventure, guests can find a plethora of attractions. At Aqua Cow Encounter, guests can get up close with Dr. T's Aqua Cows and learn about underwater cattle ranching. On Dr. T's Deep Sea Dive, a water roller coaster dark ride, guests can get a tour of the underwater world. The dark ride Stampede gives guests s glimpse of underwater cattle ranching, and The Peoplemover gives the land a sense of movement. Finally, guests can indulge in fine dining at the Coral Corral and White Rock.

As a member of this project, I created concept art as well as a "fun map" that stylistically shows the layout of the land.

This was a collaborative project with Zoë Lappin, Jack Weiss, and Banjo Kim.

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