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From Jamaica to Calgary: The Cool Runnings Experience



Project Type

Creator and Designer


Conceptual Themed Attraction

This was created as a part of The Art of Themed and Immersive Entertainment class. After being split into teams, our task was to create a theoretical pitch to the Jamaican Government inspired by the film Cool Runnings (1996), treating the film as if it were a historic documentary. The ultimate goal was to create an experience celebrating the heroic achievements of the legendary event. 

Our team wanted to focus on the  personal experience that the bobsled team went through in order to make it to the olympics, both physically and emotionally. We decided to create a walk through experience with multiple stops, culminating in a "bobsled" ride down the mountain. We decided to place the experience on an inclined mountain not only so we could have a "bobsled" alpine slide ride, but also so our guests could physically feel like they were climbing to the "climax" of the story, and to further reward the guest. Along their climb up the mountain, guests could test and race their own mini push carts, grab a meal from Sanka's Snack Shack, have a sweet treat at the Ice Cream Endurance Truck, observe Olympic bobsleds, race other guests in a bobsled ride down the mountain, and finish in the Olympic Bobsled Hall of Fame Museum. I was primarily in charge of designing the ground plan and guest path, as well as creating concept art to visually convey our ideas.

This was a collaborative project with Grace Hlavacek, Banjo Kim, and Khaled Bukhari.

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